Is the red apple actually red? We see what we are programmed for.

Is the red apple actually red?

The world is colorful for the people with normal color vision. But, is it truly the way we see or just an illusion? Color actually does not exist instead it totally depends on how our brain translates the wavelengths of light.If so, is the red I see same as you do? color illusion

How we see colors

The human eye’s retina has 3 different types of cone cells with photo-pigments to sense 3 different wavelengths of light. The long wavelength is perceived as red, middle as green and small as blue. In case of other colors, they fall within these small to long wavelengths. Suppose, if our eye receives a wavelength of yellow then it falls between green and red. This slightly activates the cone cell of red and green to perceive it as yellow.

Therefore, everything around us is not colorful. The color we see is no more than an illusion created by our own brain. The red apple is not actually red. Green leaves are not green.  It only has a property to activate certain or specific cone cell residing in our - how do we see color

We all know that everyone do not experience colors exactly the same way. People with color blindness perceive the world differently than most of us do.  This can be identified with a simple eye test. The image below shows how people with color blindness perceive in compare to people with normal vision.

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Artificial light

We also don’t know if the red I see is same as you do with your normal vision. We do not have any medium to share our experience of colors. The experience also differs depending on direct sunlight and artificial light.

Artificial lights are always cooler than the sun hence it does not have much UV content as Sun do. We might have noticed the large amount of energy is emitted in blue, violet and ultraviolet. Artificial light emits more red and yellow. This is the reason for indoor images are quite yellow. So, next time when you buy a cloth make sure to check it on sunlight, color may slightly differ.

It is strange, the world we see is much more different than it actually is. We identify the way nature has designed us.  We don’t need any optical illusion images to rick our perception, just look at the colors.

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