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You will find loads of information on writing a blog and earning from it. I am not trying to scare you off but fact is to make money online is not that easy. Earning considerable amount from blogging will take time. Attracting millions of visitors daily, weekly or monthly may sound unattainable to the starters. Therefore, before you scroll down make sure you are following for passion not profit.

So, are you ready? if yes, let’s make money online with blog on wordpress. Here are few steps to create your own blog and start earning.


To make money online, the first step in building a blog is to identify what you are passionate about. Blog is a marvelous platform to share and grow your expertise.

The niche you choose might be more competitive than others. So, you must keep in mind who might be your viewers and make strategy to reach them. The major concern might be to rank higher in the Google Search Engine. While choosing your topic note that it might be very competitive too.

Therefore, your blog might not generate income immediately. But a good content, relevant topic and consistency make it happen.


Choose your domain name wisely.

Find a domain name that suits your niche. The name you choose plays very important role in search engines.

Suppose, If I m looking for a branded t-shirts online then obviously I will search  “online branded t-shirts” on search engine. In this case domain names with the word “branded” and “t-shirts” are more likely to appear at the top.

Also, make sure the domain name is no longer then 3 words which might be harder for people to remember. It is better to get a domain name in “.com” extension.You might have noticed people tend to type “.com” after any domain name.


After you get a domain you will need a hosting plan for it. You can go to website and purchase suitable hosting plan for you. As an affiliate of Access Digital I assure that till date I have not encountered any hosting issues with this company.

Just visit the website, leave a message with your choose plan and they will get back to you with log details.


Now we are into our major business creating a professional blog. I recommend using wordpress to create a professional blog. It is a free and one of the most powerful tool to create your blog.

WordPress installation is very fast and easy.You can find loads of information and tutorials to use it. Therefore, going handy with wordpress even for starter is not that hard. You don’t have to pay a penny to create your professional blog. Just follow step by step guide to install wordpress and create your blog instantly. If you are willing to learn more follow the link to Install wordpress manually.


Once you are ready with your blog start filling it with the content. There are two factors that will help you succeed with your blog, consistency and content size.

We all know, content is the key factor to rank your blog higher and consistency to keep growing. You don’t need to write every day but keep on writing consistently. Even once a week is fine with a simple and quality content.

Remember, you don’t get audience overnight.

When you write an article take google guidelines into consideration and google pays attention on the length of your content. Writing an article with more than 1000 words is considerable. Articles with less than 300 words are considered as thin content. People won’t be spending much time on this type of article unless you have existing readers.

Add interlinks in your blog to add more minutes of your audience. Session time, bounce rates, exit rates etc counts when it comes to ranking on google.


To make money online from your blog you must get social.

make money onlineSocial media platforms like facebook, twitter, linkedin google+ are currently leading the market. These platforms can easily provide you targeted audience for your blog. Create your account and share your blogs to create followers.

Don’t overexert and give enough time for each platform. You will gradually increase your followers and accordingly your revenue.

Remember, people’s engagement in your post and blogs via like, share or comment increases chances for your blog to rank higher.


You won’t get the audience so easily. There are thousands of blogs sharing similar information. Along with the good content you must be visible on the web. The best source is to submit your content to the established bloggers and gain a chance to link back to your website.

This is not that easy either. Most of the established bloggers may ignore your request. But give it a try. Even if do not succeed to submit your request to guest blog keep trying. You can also read their blogs and leave genuine good comments.


There are many ways to make money online using a blog. You can sell products, write a sponsored posts, have google adsense,  facebook instant article, affiliate marketing and so on.

You can use multiple methods to make money from your blog. If possible you can also make videos and upload it on facebook and youtube along with your blog. This will add a range of income source.

These days these social platform has provided a better opportunity for earn more. They have something to offer to every individual. There are different travelers who earn just by travelling different destination.

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