Is the earth flat? | Flat earth theory | Is the truth hidden from us by the gov.

It is disturbing when someone says everything you learned about earth is wrong!!

Actually, the Earth is flat, Gravity does not exist, the Moon and the Sun are smaller and closer to earth. Really!! is the earth flat?

That’s impossible for me to believe. Still, thought of giving a try as I have neither seen the whole earth. Everything I know and visualize is based on what we are told and shown. so I tried collecting information about flat earth theory. earth theory

What is flat earth theory?

Flat earth theorist claim that the planet earth is actually flat like a disc with North Pole in the center and Antarctica is at the edge forming an ice wall. The flat is covered with a dome like barrier surrounding the disc (the earth) called “firmament” to keep atmosphere intact.

Further, they explain gravity too does not exist instead the disc is accelerating upwards at the speed of 9.8m/s². Even the Sun and moon are few thousand miles away from earth. Circumnavigation is no more than just a circle path on a disc like earth.

What about the photo and video evidence?

Well, according to them, they are all fabricated. An interview of Robert Simmon – Mr.Blue Marbel, was published on the official site of NASA. If I borrow his few words , he says his job is to turn data into pictures. This means we do not have the real picture of earth.

This immediately turned my focus on satellite. We have hundreds of satellites revolving around the earth; still we do not have the image, surprising!!

Fact is from International Space Station only 3% of earth’s surface is visible .This concludes that even astronauts from International Space Station have not yet witnessed the round earth. The pictures of earth we have are the cluster of data that has been combined together.


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1961 Antarctica treaty

They claim the treaty (Antarctic Treaty) was agreed by all the nations so that no one can reach at the edge of the earth. Also the symbol of the United Nations (UN) resembles the flat earth.

It seems like all the nations, space agencies, NASA, airlines and everyone are hiding the truth from us but they know the reality of earth.


No doubt, they have answers to every evidence of round earth. I have collected few of them.

1. How do you explain great circle navigation of earth
Ans: it is no more than just a circle path

2. What about the curved shadow cast by the earth on moon?
Ans: the curved shadow is also possible from flat earth.

3. How is time zone caused by sun if it is so close to earth?
Ans: It is created by the spot light of sun as light do not spread all over the earth surface.

So, is the the earth flat? Are we kept on a dark by the nations and space agencies? if so, why?


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Lack evidence

There is still no clear evidence of flat earth. The theory seems to be based on how we see with our necked eyes. They claim earth is flat hence while observing from height the curvature of earth is not seen in the horizon.

But for me our vision has a limit. Like, a cat has black and white vision. This does not mean objects do not reflect color?

Earth is flat

The earth can be flat if you are traveling towards the earth at the speed of light but not for those living in it. The theory says, at the speed of light time slows down and length contract resulting an object to appear flat.

To the flat theorist, as per you the moon is not that far so please be there and prove it. Also, dont forget to get some flat earth snap for us. 🙂

What you think of flat earth theory? leave your comments below.


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2 thoughts on “Is the earth flat?

  1. Marlon Sorken says:

    There is no disk travelling upwards, the earth is like the legend of Atlantis, a solid dome covered by water with the sun and the moon moving inside of it, we all live in a yellow submarine.

  2. thank you for your correction..but i m curious where is the “yellow submarine” moving? and why?

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