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Installing wordpress securely

I have been involved in website development from last 9 years and learned one of the easiest method to develop quality website.

First of all you need is a domain and hosting plan. Choose best domain that suits your idea and follow the instructions below. The steps are totally for beginners in website development. I have managed Access Digital as an affiliate partner to bring down the price of hosting by 50% on the regular price. If you do not have a domain and hosting simply click here to grab the best opportunity to get one.

And good news is your total cost of website development is negligible.

Domain registration : USD 1.25 /-

Web hosting : USD 2.9 /-

Total Cost : USD 4.15 /- per month

The total cost is less than the amount you spend for a coffee in a month. After your domain and hosting is ready, you are now just 30 minutes away from having your own live website. Most importantly!! You do not need to be a developer also you don’t need to learn coding with wordpress.

WordPressWordpress is a free Content Management System (CMS) with an Open Source Platform. Anyone can design and develop their website in no time. Almost 20% of the entire existing websites are running on wordpress including CNN and NASA.

After website hosting your domain you will be provided the username and password of Cpanel of your website. Now, it’s time to get started.

Step 1: WordPress Installation

These days you can find auto install in many cpanel. The easiest way is to scroll down and click on the wordpress icon and your all set to start with the next step. But I recommend installing it manually.

Follow the step by step instruction below to install wordpress manually.

Download WordPress: Go to the wordpress official site to download the wordpress zip file.
Upload wordpress : Now you have the necessary CMS file to create a website. Open the cpanel using the username and password provided by the hosting company and upload it.file manager
Go to “File Manage”.
Click on www or “public_html” or “htdocs” (“www” in my case).
Click “upload” and upload the wordpress zip file in cpanel.
Once upload is completed select the wordpress zip file and click on “extract”.

upload wordpress on cpanel3. Create database

1. Click “MYSQL Database”:- Go to Home of “cpanel” and scroll down to find “MYSQL Database”.

MYSQL Database

2. Create Database: Write your desired database name and click on “Create Database” to save. After confirmation page opens copy the database name and click “back”.

Create Database

3. Create New User: Scroll down to “Add New User and write desired user name and password (Recommended: use generated password for security) and click save.

4. Add user to Database: Select the created database and user and click “add”. Now check on check box “All Privileges” and click on “Make Changes” to check all the given options.

5. Done: Once privileges saved your done with your database.

add privileges

4. Edit “wp_config_sample.php”.

1. Now got to “Home > “www ” and “rename” wp-config-sample.php” into “wp-config.php”

edit wp config

2. Edit wp-config file: Now double click to open file (wp-config.php) and change following information

1. Database Name: Copy the exact database we created inside colon (‘ ‘).

2. Username: Copy the exact username we created inside colon (‘ ‘).

3. Password: Copy the exact password we created inside colon (‘ ‘).

change username, database and password

4. Get the Code: Copy the link” https://…../1.1/salt” and open in the browser to get the code. Now use “Ctrl+A” and “Ctrl+C” to copy all the code and replace with existing code in the file as shown in the image.

5. Change Prefix: Change the prefix (“12fr” in my case) so that hacker will not find the default “wp” prefixes.

change prefix of wordpress

6. Now click on “Save Changes” and your set with your secured wordpress installation.
Step 2: WordPress Setup

Now open your domain (eg: and follow instructions. Make sure all the wordpress files are inside “www” or “public_html”. If not follow the instructions to move file.
Steps to move wordpress files:

Open folder which contents all the wordpress files and folders.
Select all the files and folders.
click on the “Move’ menu on the top.
Remove folder name (“wordpress” in my case) and leave “public_html/” as shown in the image below.

Steps to setup wordpress:

1. open the domain in new browser (eg:

2. Select language

3. Add username, password and email. Make sure to use genuine email address to retrieve password when lost.

4. Finally, login using the recently created wordpress username and password.

5. Congratulations!!! you have successfully installed secured wordpress manually.

Thank you!! if you have any queries then please leave the comment below. I will try to answer all the queries as soon as possible.
Whats next:

Now you are ready to create a blog instantly and start earning. Click on the link below to find a step by step guide to create a blog on wordpres.

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