Indian response after Nepal election 2017 (2074) | New era of relation

Indian response after Nepal election 2017

india response on nepal electionNepal election 2074 B.S. (2017 A.D.) has been successfully conducted with a comfortable win for left alliance over Nepali Congress. Indian news media in return has projected strong dissatisfaction followed by aggressive comments on it.  Times of India  went ahead by considering Nepal as a biggest challenge after Pakistan and presumed Mr. Oli as a bugbear.  This has nothing to do with Indian government yet Nepalese are curious for official Indian response after Nepal Election 2017(2074).

The Nepal – India relation was distorted by India as Mr. Modi was not satisfied with the Constitution of Nepal. India forwarded list of demands for the amendment in favor of Madhesi agitation.  They even imposed unofficial blockade but could not succeed as K. P. Oli was on their way. After the Nepal election, K. P. Oli is almost sure to be elected as the Prime Minister of Nepal for the second time.

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Worries at the face of Indian officials and diplomats can be easily seen on their statements. Historically, Nepal has always remained dependent on India from daily necessities to development which they fear to end after communist stormed to power.  Also, the communist parties are believed to be bagged by China. In this scenario, it’s worth waiting to see how India will respond.
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I wish, India to support entire nation instead of a single region and collaborate for connectivity and prosperity. The political scenario has changed in Nepal and it’s time for India to change its foreign policy for neighbor. South Asian Nations are working together from many decades yet the development and peace is far away from reach. These nations are connected in documents not by heart and road. It took 2 decades for Nepal to escape political crisis and wish no nation will have to face it ever again.

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