Flat earth theory | flat earth vs round earth | What flat earth theory lacks.

Talking about a flat earth is a big laugh for most of us. Not because we have seen spherical earth but taught so. I have discussed shortly about the flat earth theory in my previous blog (Is the earth flat?). I have borrowed the theory and tried to look for answer to my queries on the flat earth theory.

Ice wall

The theory suggests North Pole in the center and South Pole does not exist. Instead, the round disc like earth is surrounded by the ice wall of Antarctica. We cannot go and reveal the truth since UN is stopping us. Let’s calculate how many petrol boats they need to stop us from getting into the ice wall.

The approximate distance from North Pole to South Pole is 16000Km. As per the theory the earth is completely round hence, the circumference would be 103,620km for UN to patrol continuously. It requires around 10,000 sea patrol boats at the distance of 10km to stop Flat Earthers from revealing the truth. Let’s not get into the budget and personnel required to run this operation daily.

Again the question arises, what is there so precious we should never know? Why the center and the edge of the earth frozen?

The gravity

If the earth is flat like a disc the gravity at the center and at the edge would varies. At the center the gravity pulls downwards but as we move away from the center the gravity pulls sideways as well as downwards. Therefore, gravitational force pulls us backwards as we walk away from the center. As if we are climbing a hill. This should create wreak havoc while migrating or playing in different parts of the world.


The flat earth theory denies the presence of gravity. Instead the pull is due to the upward acceleration of the earth at 1G. Again, I could not find the answer where is the earth moving?, what force is accelerating the earth?

At the mean time I encountered with the other reasoning. It says earth is not moving at all. Gravity too does not exist. Instead, it is the density of an object. Ball is denser than an air hence it falls. But, why do the balls does not float on a vacuum chamber?


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The Sun and the Moon

It is still unclear about the size of the sun and the moon and their distance from the earth. I didn’t even get a genuine reasoning for the sun and the moon to revolve around the center of the earth without falling. The strange part is the center has no effect on us.

Hence, the proper explanation of sun and the moon is yet to be found.
avishekgyawali.com- flat earth theory

The Horizon

As we all are well known about our visibility limit causing sky and the earth to meet at the horizon. The ship moving away from us continuously looks smaller and finally vanishes. But if the earth was flat the size of the ships must have reduced from each side equally. But the base vanishes first and the tip of the ship at last.

We are still able to witness the sunset twice within short interval of time. Most of us have experienced double sunset from the ground and again from the higher elevation. I don’t understand why it is possible if the earth is flat.

Therefore, flat earth theory still has long way to prove itself right. Even if we get a satisfactory answer, there are other major queries that needs to reasoning like stars, universe, and the dome and so on. I feel flat earth society needs to act at this point to prove their theory.

Please comment below to help me find answer to my queries.

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