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Creating new post on wordpress

You might be wondering, why we need a complete article just for a creating new post on wordpress?

Trust me, the post has many uncovered features you might be missing. This guide will surprise even savvy users after looking at the features wordpress offers. I will discuss all the features in this blog.

WordPress posts have 3 most important sections.

  1. Screen options
  2. Title and text area
  3. Sidebar

avishekgyawali - wordpress post

1. Screen options

At the top right you can see a scroll menu “screen option”. This option is useful to add features in your post. the features can be activated or deactivated by simply checking the boxes.

In my post I have additional features like “yoast SEO”, “facebook instant articles”, “page builder” etc. This feature allows me to turn of certain features for specific posts. You can also change the layout into one column over default 2columns.

2. Title and Text Area


It is the major section of the post where you add title for the content. You might have noticed “Permalink” just below the title. This will be the link of your post. As soon as you give the title the link is automatically created.

To edit the link, click on “edit” change the name and click “ok” to save the link.

avishek gyawali - title permalink

Text Area

The text area might look slightly different depending on what you are using visual ortext editor. On the top right of the text area you can change the tab depending on your choice. If you are new to HTML then I recommend using “visual” it’s more like using word.

All the editior features are available at the top of the text area. Some of you might find only 1irst row of styling features. In that case click on the “toggle” button  to make the second row visible.

avishekgyawali - title and text area

Other style functions are no different than we use in Microsoft word. You can define heading level from H1 to H6 from top left corner of text area. The tag you selected and word count is continuously displayed at the left bottom of the text area.

There is more, the “Add Media” button. Adding relevant image along with the text makes the blog more interesting to read. This post feature is flexible enough to add image the way your need.

Click on the button and select the image you want to add in your blog. Once the image is displayed on the post you can adjust the size and locate in the required position. To  do this just click on the image and editor menu appears just above the image.

avishekgyawali - add medai

In the above image I used left menu to place image on the left of the text. We are also able to click and drag the image to adjust the size. You might have noticed, while resizing the image we are also able to view the pixel size of image.

All the work we do on the post is auto saved by the wordpress to secure our effort. the last saved time is visible on the right bottom of the post.

3. Side bar

Side bar is another important section which have other many section within it.  Here are the few important section I will be discussing on this article.

  • Publish
  • Categories & Tags
  • Featured Image

Publish box

avishekgyawali -  sidebarThis section offers alternatives to save your post if you are not ready to publish.

You can save your post as a draft or pending review. You just need to select the option from the scroll menu.

The post can be made “public”  password protected or make it private by selecting the radio button and click ok.

We also have control over when to publish our post. Select the date and even time to publish your post n click “Ok”, rest wordpress will do it for you.

Categories and Tags

These features are important to organize your content.  These categories and tags helps user easily find your content.


Featured image

Almost every WordPress themes support featured images mostly used for thumbnail or banner image for articles. It is located on the last box in right hand column on the post edit screen.


Hope this article helped you understand and utilize the features of wordpress post If you have any questions or any suggestions then please feel free to write in  the comment. I will try my best to reply as soon as possible.

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