Create your blog instantly | Step by step guide for creating wordpress blog.

Create your blog instantly

Willing to create your blog instantly!! Great, simply be with me.

Blogging is not only a platform to share your idea and information also one of the source of income. Before starting, identify the area you are willing to cover.

I have set up this blog for new bloggers to start their blog in no time. You do not have to learn HTML, CSS and any other programming language. This step by step guide will lead you to your new blog instantly.

Here are few steps to follow to start a blog:

  1. Register a domain and hosting
  2. Install WordPress
  3. Install Theme
  4. Add Plugins
  5. Start writing

I have found in my years of experience that bloggers make common mistakes resulting low reach and ultimately abandoning the blog. The major purpose of this article is to stop that and help you earn from your blog.

Just have some patience and go through this article till end. It is just about few minutes. I have covered every aspect of blog writing so that you will get complete information in the first time.

Let’s dive in and create your blog instantly!! If you have problem managing time then simply subscribe now to come back later to this post.

Step 1: Register a domain and hosting plan

You can create your domain from or other free blog platform. But I recommend using your own domain which does not cost much. Over all there are few but crutial reasons to have your own domain hosting.

  1. Control over your content: As it is not possible to go through all the guidelines set by the platform, they have right to remove your content or even entire blog. Therefore, its is always a good idea to have your own domain.
  2. Easy Domain Name: our own domain name is easier to remember in compare to the domain name offered by blog platform. This directly affects your blog’s popularity.
  3. Advertisement: Blogging platform do not allow you to advertise making hard for you to earn from your blog.

Find domain Name

There are already millions of domains that have been registered and finding domain that suits your requirement is not an easy task. Create a list of domain names for yourself that suits your blog type and then check the availability on Once its available go ahead and register it.

Find Web Hosting

Web hosting is another crucial part to launch your blog. As an affiliate partner I recommend Access Digital for cost effective and reliable web hosting. You can choose your plan as per your budget also you can enhance your plan as per your need. Once you get hosting from Access Digital you will be provided username and password of cpanel. This takes no more than 5 minutes and you are ready to setup your blog.

Step 2: Install WordPress

I recommend wordpress as it is secure, easy to use and most importantly you can find almost every plugin and high quality theme to enhance your blog. We will focus on blog preparation and also add plugins.

I have already created a blog on installing wordpress securely. This is very important part of your blog as wordpress is free CMS system. Therefore, while installing wordpress I recommend it to install manually. This sounds tedious but, believe me, will increase your blog security level.

Please visit my blog “Installing wordpress securely” to installs wordpress.


Log in to your new account scroll down to “Softaculous Apps Installer” and click on “wordpress” and you will be taken to new page.

Now click on “Install Now” button, fill the form and you are done.

install wordpress

Step 3: Setup WordPress Theme

Once wordpress installation is complete its time to design your blog. You can choose the free WordPress themes that are available with wordpress installation. If not, has huge pile of wordpress free themes you may like. Follow the steps to install your theme

  1. Once you login to dashboard go to Appearance > Themes.

Install Free theme: You can choose from the given three themes or click on “Add New” to get other themes for your blog. You can also purchase wordpress themes from Access Press. You can find range of different high quality themes. Once you choose the theme you love move mouse pointer over it and click on install“.

setup wordpress theme


Install premium theme: To install premium theme go to “Upload Theme” select “Browse” and choose the purchased theme and finally click “Install“. Finally, your theme setup is complete.

Along  with the theme you will find a instructions (documentation) to setup theme which varies depending on the theme  you choose.

Install Premium Theme

Step 4: Create Post and Pages:

Now we are set to create our  blog. In the dashboard following menu are necessary to understand. We will go through it one by one

  1. Post
  2. Pages
  3. Appearance and
  4. Settings


  1. Posts: This is the section where we create our blog contents. Click on the “Post” menu and following page will appear. From here click on “add new” to create new post.

Creat post on wordpress


Then the page to create new post will appear as shown below. In the post you will have a section write “title” and below “text area” to write your content.

edit wordpress post

The text area contains all the features to style your blog. If you are completely new to the wordpress then I suggest go through the entire menu available on text area. I am sure it won’t take much time for you to understand it all. Once the blog content is ready click on “Publish” to make it live.

Scroll down a bit and you will see “Featured Image” on right side. Upload the relevant image which will be displayed on the home page of your blog. The featured image display may vary depending on your theme.

Pages: You might wish to add few pages on your blog like “about me”, contact” and so on. If so this is the place you can create those pages. As you created a “post” you can create pages you like.

Appearance: We have already checked this section to “add theme” for our blog. But now we will again go to the “Appearance” menu to “create menu” for your blog. In Page section we created “about”  and “contact” page. Now we will add those pages in our menu bar.

Go to “Appearance” and click on “Menu” and following page will appear. Now, follow the steps given below to setup your menu bar.

  • Click on “Create Menu”
  • Give “Menu Name”. Primary Menu in my case.
  • Check the pages you want to display on your menu bar and click “Add to Menu“. Contact and About pages in my case
  • Once the selected menu appears on “Menu Stucture” click on “save Menu”
  • If you have “Top Menu” or similar Check box then don’t forget to check it.

Create menu on wordpess

Now your blog is ready. I have given handful of basic information to start your blog. Keep playing with the dashboard and you will learn more as wordpress is more than just creating a blog.

Due to lack to time I have not covered all the sections necessary but this is more than enough to at least start your blog within 20 minutes.

Please share if you like the post ( create your blog instantly)and feel free to comment your opinion and suggestions.

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